1: In the middle of the wilderness away from everyone, campers sat on a log near the campfire. They heard laughter around them and people screaming. It continued all night. No one was seen. The campers left when the sun came up.  

2: There is a certain part in the appalachian mountains where many people disappeared. One day a boy was with his family when he walked behind a boulder and disappeared. No bodies have ever been found. There is a rumor of a group of certain mountain people that have caused this to happen. This certain group has never been found.

3: 18 year old friends saw an old house in the wilderness. They walked around the creepy looking house, but felt they should stay away. One month later they found out on the news a serial killer was arrested in the very same house in the wilderness. He lived there.

4: One night a girl went with friends to camp in the wilderness. There was someone nearby burning a huge junk pile covered in web. When the girl got in her sleeping bag, she woke up from things crawling on her. It was hundreds of spiders. The friends were bitten all over.

5: A group of campers sat in a circle talking until they saw yellow orbs flying around. They investigated to find alien like yellow orbs moving near them and stopped as if it was staring at them. After that happened, they quickly ran away as fast as they could. They never returned.