1: In 2004 a woman saw a spider killing and covering a snake in web to eat it.

2: A man saw what looked like mold on fruit until he touched it. It was really a group of mini spiders that crawled all over after he touched them.

3: A woman had an ugly blister that continued to grow on her face. She used a pin to pop it, but she found out it was filled with many mini spiders that ended up crawling all over her face.

4: There was multiple mysterious murders that happened in the elevator. Each victim had spider bites. Officers decided to open the top elevator hatch and saw a family of spiders crawling to them.

5: In early 2012, over 8000 people in Australia left their town due to a flood of wolf spiders surrounding their entire town. The wolf spiders were in the trees and in the fields.

6: An e-mail popped up in people's inboxes about three Floridian women that died from a spider bite. The spiders would hid in the toilets and bite the person on the butt. Later people found out it was a hoax.

7: A man who owned a pet tarantula had to go to the eye doctor due to severe pain in the eye. Later the eye doctor found hairs and web stuck to his eye. Apparently his tarantula defended itself by shooting a web in the man's eyes.