1: An Oklahoma resident woman had no criminal record and no history of mental health problems, but one night in February 2001, she killed her son-in-law. She claims she had used a Ouija board, which she says sent her a message from the beyond that her daughter’s husband was possessed by an evil spirit and must be murdered. After stabbing him to death in his sleep. Then she bundled her own daughter and granddaughter into her car in an attempt to kill them all in a crash. No one died, but the woman suffered two broken ankles, which didn’t stop her from stripping naked and running into the woods – she claimed the evil spirit that was in her husband had possessed her instead. She was later ruled to be insane in what quickly became known as the Oklahoma Ouija Board Murder.

2: In 1933, a woman and her 15-year-old daughter started playing with the ouija board. A spirit contacted them and told them to kill the woman's husband, Ernest. However, it wasn’t enough that Ernest had to die. The spirited wanted it to be Mattie that killed her own loving father. They knew the board could not be denied. The mother ordered her daughter to shoot her father with a shotgun since it would be easier. Later the daughter was sent to reform school until she was 18, but there are no records of her after that. The case became known as the first ever ouija board involved murder.

3: A man, his cousin and their family were using a Ouija Board at home. Before they started, they removed a large creepy doll from the same basement and took it to another room. They placed the doll face down on the floor. Then the board listed a string of numbers that the cousin recognized as his social security number, which no one else at the table knew. The spirit was asked to prove itself, and the board spelled the word 'D-O-L-L’. Then the doll suddenly was standing upright in the middle of the room. They ran out of the house as fast as they could. It was said the Ouija board was burned.

4: A young teenage girl used a Ouija board to contact the dead. She ended up contacting an evil spirit that possessed girl. The girl later died from an exorcism. They made many horror movies about this true story.