1: While driver, the driver constantly saw the same clown many times by the side of the road while holding a balloon. It could have been many different people dressed as the same clown, but the driver felt it was the same clown that he kept on passing.

2: In 2008 a family went on a road trip, but they would soon find out they wouldn't be alone. An old truck kept following the driver wherever they went including all gas stations and even parked in the hotel parking lot when the driver stayed at the hotel. They could have called the police, but they felt the police couldn't do anything. Eventually the old truck driver left and was never seen again.

3: A woman kept passing a strange looking man in a car that continued laughing in a scary way. He continued to pass her up while yelling you won't get passed me. When she turned down a quiet road, he stayed behind her yelling I'm going to kill you tonight. This went on for awhile until he finally turned off another road and she never saw him again.

4: A car continued to follow behind them while honking its horn. The driver couldn't see the person who was honking at them. The windows were tinted and they couldn't see the driver that was harassing them. After awhile the person harassing them finally drove off.

5: A man gave a hitchhiker woman a ride in his car. He didn't want to her to be all alone especially when it was getting dark outside. They kept talking for awhile and the girl kept talking about her family that is looking for her. While they were driving, the girl suddenly disappeared in his car when he passed a certain area. Later he found out she was a ghost that haunts highways and asks for rides.

6: A serial killer truck driver tortured women for 15 years and killed 50 women. He kidnapped many women and kept them in the back of his trailer chained inside. Then he would continue to drive around the USA while the women were chained up. Before he killed a woman and hid their bodies in the barn, he would take pictures of them. Highway patrol ended up arresting the man after pulling the truck over and hearing a woman screaming in the back. He is now serving life in prison.