1: What was the hardest scene to film?   

JED: The attic space scene. We had to build a set for the scene since the house didn't have an attic space. So to make look all real we had have an exact replica of the room built and had to shoot one scene inside the actual room in the house then shoot on the set. After we Had footage from both we blended them to make the scene seem seem less. The timing was key and so was lighting for it to flow correctly. 

2: What did you enjoy the most in Unlisted Owner? 

JED: Being able to make something awesome with my best friends. We had a blast doing it. We look back now and think wow we actually made this thing.   

3: What experience did you gain by writing/ filming Unlisted Owner? 

JED: I gained a lot it was my 1st film so the whole project was a learning experience. From scouting locations and scheduling to directing and producing.   

4: What do you personally feel the audience will feel after seeing the film? 

JED: I think they will feel the realism of the film. I think a lot of people will feel like what would I do if I was that Situation. And think to yourself would you bail on your friends or do you go on and try to help them. Due to my schedule, I'll put them on my site as soon as I can once you answer. I will notify you.  

5: What is your next movie?   

JED: I have one called meth house I wouldn't mind doing.