BBF: Is there a horror novel you'd like to see turned into a film? If so, why? 

Nick Younker: Oh, shit… that’s a hard one to pin down. Even though I’ve read so many top-notch horrors in recent years, I would have to go with “We Sold Our Souls” by Grady Hendrix. 

Just like the title suggests, it’s a brutal horror-rock epic with some of the most savage scenes I’ve ever read. It’s also a major shout-out to the working-man, or in this case, the working-woman. Let’s just sum it up and say the working-class will appreciate this novel much more than the wealthy. It’s not really about the prose or noir, although there’s plenty in it. It’s more about the savage events of a woman who formed, developed and nurtured a rock band in her youth that was primed for stardom, but was later fucked over by her frontman who sold her (and her bandmates) souls to make it big as a solo act. The woman was a headlining lead guitarist who’d wrote all the legendary songs that made the frontman famous following his epic “screwjob.” So naturally, after a few decades of hating life and working at a hotel, an incident tipped the scale and put her on a warpath directly to Las Vegas for a major showdown with the devil incarnate. 

Yeah, this would make an epic film for horror fans. It has Viking demons, executive minions, those Halloween III type robots and yes, an alternate version of that dude from Trick or Treat, you know, “Sammy” something. Goddamn, I can’t remember his full name. 

BBF: What’s your favorite film based on a book? 

Nick Younker: Holy hell! Now I have to take a look at the list and renumber it. It’s been awhile since I’ve compiled, so I may be a little rusty at this… but I’m going with Let The Right One In for horror, but my number one is Fight Club, which is horror adjacent, or a “horror cousin.” Either way, the darkness is what I’m all about here. 

I don’t think I need to go into too much detail considering your readers have already seen both films, and I say that with 100% confidence. But for those of you who haven’t read Chuck Palahniuk’s Fight Club, you’re missing some seriously dark shit. Watching the movie isn’t enough. You need to read the epic lines, such as Marla Singer saying, “I want to have your abortion.” Yeah, I know in the movie they watered it down with “I haven’t been fucked like that since grade school,” but that’s just one example of a fucking masterpiece short novel. I think it weighed in around 200 pages, give or take. 

BBF: Do you listen to music or have a certain thing you do while drafting fiction? 

Nick Younker: No, never. Listening to music while writing is akin to an artist sketching an outline over another painting and adding his own details. It’s also too distracting and gives you a false sense of excitement for an otherwise dull read. I do, however, listen to a 10-hour thunderstorm on YouTube. It maintains balance in my aching brain while I scribble. 

BBF: What or who inspired you to create fiction? 

Nick Younker: No one, really. I started off wanting to be a journalist. Then some dark shit happened in my life, and naturally I gravitated over to fiction. It was evolution, or natural selection, I suppose. I never wanted to create. The shit’s painful at times. I’ve had instances where I sat down to draft and had massive anxiety attacks. They’re debilitating to say the least. 

BBF: What’s the next book you plan on releasing and can you give us a peek inside?

Nick Younker: I’ve been drafting a dark fiction piece titled, The Cold Sin Mutiny. It’s much darker and has a plethora of degenerate characters that find access to a new frequency, Ionic Frequency, that has the ability to transfer data at extraordinarily high capacities, so much so it carries small traces of energy, an undetectable PPM (parts per million). It inspires these people to create bio-coding and they install their malicious software into the grey matter of people’s brains by hacking cellular OS updates, thus giving them access and control to their free consciousness without knowing it. It predates the events of Shadow of the Day and gives readers a false sense of control, eventually progressing into some anarchy and a little mind-fucking. It also includes a Turing Test, but I don’t want to give too much away.