With the exception of his debut novel, Nick Younker focuses his writing on short stories and novellas written in Grunge Narrative style. His biggest influences in literature are novelists like Vonnegut, Blatty, Blackwood, Bukowski and Ketchum. Lyrical influences include Cobain, Vedder, Springsteen, Jett, Hetfield, Hendrix, Morrison and Roky Erickson.  


Bring Back Fear: When did you first want to become a writer?

Nick Younker: It was by accident. I actually went to college for Broadcast Journalism and spent over ten years writing for television news. When I moved to Atlanta back in 2005, I was turning out content for Turner Broadcasting and I started to realize that I was better at prose than writing in AP style. I guess that was the time period when my transition started from writing hard news to fiction. I didn’t start doing it full time until around mid-2017, after I began winding down in the online news game.

BBF: Who is your favorite author and why?

Nick Younker: It’s hard for me to name one. I’m a big fan of Algernon Blackwood, Charles Bukowski, Kurt Vonnegut and I even enjoy a little Jack Ketchum every once in a while, even though his prose needed a some work. I identify with these novelists because they use a method of writing that really speaks to me. It’s best known as Grunge Narrative style, only recently coined, and the most defining rule for it is starting in the middle of a story and getting to the end in as few words as possible.

BBF: What do you enjoy most about writing?

Nick Younker: I don’t. I hate it. As a matter of fact, I cringe at the title “writer” every time I hear it. It’s a source of agony for me, but I do it without reservation. It’s a vocation, and like everyone else that works in an industry, I hate my job.

BBF: What do you personally want the reader to feel after they read your book?
Nick Younker: Emotionally drained. I want them to feel what I feel when I scribble it down. I want them to know that what they read may or may not be true, although it isn’t. I want them walk through hell with me, like tourists do on safari from the safety of their caravan.
BBF: What is your next book going to be about?

Nick Younker: It’s a follow up to Shadow of the Day, following the aftermath of a prophetic breakthrough in healthcare and the ensuing collapse of the American medical industrial complex. It’s about how people no longer get sick and the way it correlates to a major American recession, one more extreme than the 2008 meltdown. I want my readers to know that keeping people sick for profit injects stability into the American economy. Honestly, it shares a lot in common with The Purge films, just a little further in the future.